We handle the needs of your family office. From tax compliance, to private banking and private trust services, Mada’s experts can provide support, giving you the confidence that comes from knowing your finances are in order. And we develop and design comprehensive, structured and holistic plans that meet your family’s needs and financial objectives.

Mada supports families and entrepreneurs in the operational aspects of family life such as residences, travel, and asset collections as well as professional staff managing accounting, tax, estate planning, legal, philanthropic, investment, and administrative matters.

We assist our high net worth clients with a wide  range of services, by being a single point of contact, that includes wealth management , wealth planning, family governance ,Private equity & Real estate, trust & corporate services and concierge services.

We also specialize in succession planning and finding creative ways to identify future leaders within the family to take the reins of the family business, support them, train them, and ensure the financial security of family members.

We adopt an institutional approach for managing family wealth across generations.

And we do this based on 3 pillars:

  • Family Governance
  • Investment Governance
  • Operational Governance